Saturday, February 1, 2014

Bikini Bargain-Hunting on a Saturday

Because I can't resist a good bargain, when I received the email notifying me of a Diane's warehouse sale, I simply couldn't resist. Who wouldn't want $5, $10, $20 bikinis?! Especially when they are normally $100+. I called up my friend and with an enthusiastic "LET'S GO," we hopped in the car and headed out.

Walking in, not sure exactly what to expect. Sample sales can definitely be hit or miss, so we had our fingers crossed!

I am happy to say this one did not disappoint. But, like most others, they make you work for your deals! Cramped spaces and fighting off other deal-seeking shoppers is something that should be expected. I tried to ignore these two inconveniences...all in the name of a deal, right?!

Hundreds and hundreds of bikinis. It was actually hard to figure out which one I wanted! It was quite a struggle matching up the tops and bottoms...

If you spent more than $50, they gave you a nice polka dot tote. Hey, why not!

I did not do this on purpose, but ended up with ALL pink items. A star sweater that was $60 for $15, a bandeau bathing suit that was $120 for $50 and lastly, because it was buy 2 get 1 free... I got a pair of $55 shorts for free!

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